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Connecticut Foundation repair

We have spent the past couple years helping develop different ministries across the entire United States. It has been our mission in life to make sure that all the facilities that worship should have adequate facilities to do so. Our experience with our roof and our foundation have driven us to make use of our new found knowledge and spread that gift to those in need.

Our most recent adventures took us all the way to New Haven Connecticut, where we met the Davis family! They recently purchase a building and needed to make some costly repairs, one of the largest expenses was the costly foundation repair. Connecticut Concrete Contractors were able to walk us through the structural repair of the crumbling foundation. We even installed a retaining wall to make sure to divert water from coming into the basement and causing even more damage. Need to call the Concrete Contractor Pros? They service out of 21 Vernon Street Apt 101 New Haven CT 6519. Or call them at 203-456-2555

CT Concrete Contractors also spent the time to pour us some new exterior slabs in order to install equipment and recyclables. As a couple from the south we weren’t aware of “frost lines” and other encumbrances when building in the North East. Having the right contractor and also knowing enough to trust them helped us get through this entire renovation.

It was a fun time being up north and enjoying some of the weather and sites but it feels good to be back home, thanks to all our readers and followers!

By Arianna Willis

Arianna has been with Sonrise for the past two decades. Her background is in youth ministry and evangelical marketing to the masses. She has been renowned for her blogs on all things Christ and all things that have that have to do with our organization. We love hearing from out loyal friends and family!